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Careers with Zink can lead you to work within a team of dedicated, amazing and passionate hair dressers. Are you looking to advance or start your career in hair dressing? Want to join our amazing team? If this sounds like you, why not apply with us now. It’s easy and takes a few minutes. Just complete our initial application form below!

Our creative team of hairdressers not only cut, colour, shape, style, straighten, perm and care for people’s hair. You will assist your clients about their individual style that gives them the confidence to walk out of the salon feeling amazing.

Our team also suggest specialist salon only products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, moose or wax products that will help in maintaining your clients look – keeping it looking great well after they have left the salon. You will also need to perform minor administrative duties, such as taking bookings and payment for products and services.

If a position comes up in one of our salons and you are the right fit, you will be invited to a ‘face to face’ meeting with our Salon Managers. Our dedicated Careers Manager will contact you to arrange this meeting and give you all the information you will require.

We thank you for your interest in careers with ZINK!

Apply online now.